Waiting for the 100th one!!!

Thank you , my postcrossing friends
from all over the world!!!!
Finally, I got 99 private swap cards and I am waiting for the 100 one :)
To celebrate it, I think I will send special stamps and card to the one who sends me the 100th card.
I am waiting for you, lucky guy :)

I become a univeristy student this summer
and I had a lot to do... like having orientation camps,  talks...doing preparations..
so I did not have time to reply my postcrossing friends/update my blog
Sorry for making you think that I was disappearred last 3 weeks,
BUT!! Gladys is still here and always willing to have private swap :)
However, as I have to move into hostel of my university very soon,
I can not check my mailbox at home everyday but once a week.
SO... I may reply/send card to you less frequently.
I am really sorry for that :(

Feel free to send me email:gladys19312003@yahoo.com.hk

The photo on top is my postcard wall next to my bed!
I put favourite postcards on it and I always change theme :)

Good luck to my university life!!!

99th private swap :Portugal

99th Portugal 30.8.2011
Thank you very much, Andreia.
Portuguese buildings are new to me...
I don't know much about them and your culture.
I guess it is a church??

98th private swap : Poland

98th  Poland 30.8.2011

Amelia sent me another card from the same series of the Bistol Hotel.
I love this set of cards very much!!!!!
I think it is vintage and very collective:)
Brown plus black and white are gorgeous combination~
Thank you, girl <3

97th private swap : Spain

97th Spain 30.8.2011
Ha ha! Almost all cards from Spanish are sent by Fabienne.
Thank you very much! I think this one is my favourite recently :)
I love foreign architecture and this one gives three to me at a time!
I really love card with gorgeous white frame and colour tone.

95&96th private swap : France

95&96th France 30.8.2011
They are from my best friend, Alicia!!!!
Thanks for sending me card even during your summer vacation in Italy:)
I love having different cards showing the same view but in different angles.
It's really interesting!
To be honest, I prefer the bottom one
cause I think the colour tone and the design of card is better.
Anyway, thanks again:)

94th private swap : Japan

94th  Japan 30.8.2011 
Tsutenkaku Tower(通天閣) card from Yuko:)
Red is one of my favourite colours and
this tsutenkaku tower is the prettiest one I have ever seen!!
Thank you so much, Yuko!!
And for the stamp....
I finally got the stamp from Tokyo Tower (night view)
It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!


93rd private swap : Japan

93rd  Japan 30.8.2011A beautiful snow view of Kyoto from Sonoyo!!
I really love this one :)
I think snow-view of Japan is very different from Poland...
There is always feeling of Christmas from western countries XD
The one from Japan is very elegant.
Thank you!

92nd private swap : Japan

92nd  Japan 30.8.2011Hand-drawn sunflower card from Kenji!!!!
Thank you very much:)
I really love sunflower especially this one!
It is full of the feeling of summer~