58th private swap : Russia

58th Russia XX.3.2011
From Valeria.
This card is showing a family of the last Russian emperor.
They were killed in 1918.

57th priavte swap : Poland

57th Poland 19.4.2011
From Adam.
It's a pity that the scanner can't the actual feature of this card.
This is a shinny golden card, really shinny :)
This is the first card I receive after my exams.
I hope Adam is having a nice graduation trip in Poland.
And also, Happy birthday, my friend.

56th private swap : Poland

56th Poland XX.4.2011
From Agnieszka.
Thanks for your photo! The quality of your card is high!
I love winter but I never have a chance to see the same kind of scene in Hong Kong.
I love your photo so much :)
Your drawings and words are lovely, thank you.

55th private swap : Japan

55th Japan XX.3.2011
From Sonoyo.
This card is showing the Five Storied Pagoda of Toji temple, Kyoto.
This tower is the highest one(of its kind) in Japan.
Traditional types of building in Japan and China are very similar
but they always give different feelings to me :)

54th private swap : Japan

54th Japan XX.3.2011
From Sonoyo.
This card is showing Tokyo tower and night view of stunning Tokyo.
Unfortunately, top part of the Tokyo tower was altered during the earthquake :(

53th private swap : Poland

53rd Poland XX.3.2011
From Amelia.
I have received quite a lot of cards from Poland.
And Poland gives me a strong feeling that
she is a country full of beautiful short buildings, traditional houses and comfortable cafe.
Also, especially in foggy days, Poland is a country of romance :)
I think I am in love with Poland now.
Thanks all friends from Poland who introduce gorgeous Poland to me.

52nd private swap : France

52nd France XX.3.2011
From my dear Alicia.
Believe me, it really looks scary at night ,haha :)
She was the queen of France who married to Louis XVI.
I know Louis XVI!!
I learnt some French history when I was about 13.
But then I became a science student and I almost forget all the history things :P

51st private swap : Poland

51st Poland XX.3.2011
This one was from my new friend from Poland, Adam.
I think this card is showing his home city, Konin.

50th private swap: Portugal

50th Portugal XX.3.2011
From Andreia.
This card shows a typical Portuguese house.
I really love Supernatural
but sometimes some episodes are so horrible that I can't watch them alone.