68th private swap : Spain

68th  Spain 31.5.2011
Really love traditional building, houses and churches.
Thanks a lot, Irene. This is a very beautiful card !!!
According to Irene, it's the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
The Holy Door is only opened in Holy years when 25th July happened on Sunday.
The Cathedral was built during 11th to 13th centuries,
it is an UNESCO site sine 1985.
And I guess this my first UNESCO card?

67th private swap : Spain

67th  Spain 31.5.2011
My second Spanish card from Fabienne.
This is a cute card showing the traditional Madrilenian costume
wore during the San Isidro Feast(May 15).
 San Isidro is the patron saint of Madrid.
This festival marks the start of the bullfighting season.
On 15th of May, people dress in this type of costume and
have traditional dancing ("chotis")and
open air concerts to celebrate the festival.     

66th private swap : Portugal

66th Portugal 31.5.2011
It's from Andreia.
Thanks for your card but I really hate ad card.
I apprecaite that you chose it for me
because it shows a nice typical house of cantre of Portugal :)
Though the stamp is very adorable.


65th private swap : Japan

65th Japan 17.5.2011
From Sonoyo.This card shows the garden of Ginkakuji Temple in Kyoto.
She told me that there is no silver foil posted on the temple's wall
although the temple is called Ginkakuji :)

Thanks for the beautiful stamps!
I have never received a repeated stamp from Sonoyo.
Thanks for choosing the best for me:)


64th private swap : France

64th France 14.5.2011
From Alicia.
As I have mentioned before, I really love this kind of illustration
so I won't mind whether they are still from the same collection or not.
I think this collection is very nice :) Thanks again.
I hope you are not bored cause I really love houses and buildings.
Your cards are always my favourite:)

63rd private swap : Spain

63rd  Spain 14.5.2011
This is my first Spain card!!!
It is from Famalubel.
Thank you so much!
I really love houses:)
I think the houses still look good without the paintings on it.
There are quite a lot of Spanish houses near in my town :) 

62nd private swap: Poland

62nd  Poland 14.5.2011
From Amelia.
Another gorgeous winter view card :)
I really love Polish building,
they are not so complicated but still have those artistic details:)


61st private swap : Portugal

61st  Portugal 3.5.2011
From Dinis.
Dinis told me that this monastery had 1000 years history.
I love this kind of building !
Look at the stone wall and the natural colour of it...so amazing :)
The design of the door makes it more 3-D.
I love the details of the round window too.
Thanks a lot.

60th private swap: Portugal

60th Portugal 3.5.2011
From Andreia. Fist card in May!!!
I hope your holiday in your grandma's house is great.
The card is gorgeous~
I love artistical & historical houses very much:)
The lake nearby makes it so pleasant!

Medieval baths founded by Queen Leonor in 1485.


59th private swap : France

59th France 24.4.2011
From Alicia :)
I love this card! It's very pretty and not scary like the previos one,haha!
Thanks a lot!
I love this kind of illustration and this is my first merry-go-round card:)
Good luck for your exam!!!

I posted it to my another blog too.
But that blog is written in Chinese (mainly posting my interests/dairy/WP&ICONS that I made)