78th private swap : Japan

78th Japan 30.6.2011

Get it today!
100 thanks to Shiori from Japan :)
Thanks for finding this lovely deer card to me.
I love the penguin stamp and the stickers very much!!!!!!!!
I love this sentence!
It suits me who is a blod type B person :)

By the way, I get my public exam result today!!!
My exam results are very satisfactory
although I won't know whether I can get into my dream university until the end of July.
Thanks for you all who pray for me, thank you :)
So, getting a nice card today makes me even happier!!!

77th private swap : Portugal

77th Portugal 30.6.2011

Thank you so much for sending me this wonderful card, Andreia.
I really LOVE it!!!!
It shows the Hieronymite Monastery in Lisbon.
I love gothic style too~

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>Thanks for the card, Andreia :)
I will send the next card today!
Hope you'd like it.

76th private swap : France

76th France 30.6.2011

Thanks for the gorgeous card from Paris, Alicia!!!
I LOVE historical architecture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(My fourth time to say this statement?)
The bridge is stunning!
There is definitely no similar design in Hong Kong~
It really looks romantic♥
I would like to spend a day, walking by these beautiful buildings :)

75th private swap: Japan

75th Japan 30.6.2011

From Yuko, Osaka, Japan.
Actually I got my first card from Osaka a week ago
but I was quite busy these days and had no time to update my blog:)
Thanks for the card showing the red wheel in Umeda.


74th private swap : Japan

74th Japan 18.6.2011

I can't use more words to express my thank to Shiori..
I really LOVE this gorgeous card and all the photos you took!!!
I got a card showing lots of deer!!!!Hurray!!!

Look at the stamp! Deers again!
I think I can hold a deer exhibition now -w-
Photos on the back of the postcard are took by Shiori too.
They are really nice~

73rd private swap : Japan

73rd Japan 18.6.2011
This is a card showing deers from Setonaikai National Park in Hiroshima.
Thank you so much, Mari! It's a beautiful card!
I especially love the heart-shaped deer stamp.
I wonder why Japan Post Office always issues nice stamps :)
I hope Hong Kong Post Office can do so too!!!
Maybe I have to go to shops selling old stamps then...

72nd private swap : Japan

72nd  Japan 18.6.2011
This is a card showing Suzakumon and Daimonji Okuribi
in Nara Prefecture sent by Sonoyo.
I really love Nara and historic things from Japan.
Although I don't know why they have to make the word "Fire" using fire :)

My younger sister who is a Japanese history lover
loves the stamp on the left very much.

Thank you very much, Sonoyo.

71st private swap : Spain

71st  Spain 18.6.2011
Staircase card from Irene, thanks a lot!
This beautiful triple staircase is from the Museum of the Galician people.
And the museum was designed by architect Domingo de Andrade .
Each of the stairs leads to a different level.
It lookd like shell of sea creatures to me! Interesting :)


70th private swap : Spain

70th  Spain 15.6.2011
I don't know how can I thank you, Fabienne.
It is just a GORGEOUS card and I love it soooooo much :)
Thanks for sending me Gaudi's work from Barcelona.
This type of architecture is really stunning.
I especially love the balcony,
they look like masks and are a little bit creepy.
Sagrada Família is another great work built by Gaudi :)
I love that creepy 'castle' too !
Thanks a lot!!!!!!


69th private swap : France

69th France 13.6.2011
Thanks for Alicia's gorgeous Italian card!
I LOVE Italy and it is my dream vacation location :)
I also love watching the sea too~I live near the sea.
Hope you'd have a nice vacation!!!

Since I can't post my reply in the comments.
I will reply them in the post directly.

-To Alicia:
I put the card on my desk and it's great to see the view
when you wake up every day :)
I sent youa card a few days ago and I hope you'd like it.


Postcard collection!

Always want to think you girls (& guys!)
for sending me such a lot of gorgeous postcards :-)
It's my pleasure to meet you guys via postcrossing♥♥♥

These photos show my postcard collection since Oct,2010.
These show only part of them, I have too much cards :P

Love you all!!
Just bought some new cards and can't wait to have swap with you♥
P.S Please feel free to tell me if you would like to have special stamps.
But I don't have many so I can send special stamps to you once they are just issued.

As Alicia asked about how I store my cards...
I take this photo today :-)
Of course not all cards are put into this little box...

And , although Hong Kong is a busy and crowded modern city,
I live in a small town where is very comfortable and pleasant.
My favourite road by a river (called "Silver river") near my home.