91st private swap :Japan

91st  Japan 10.7.2011
Penguins card from Yuko!
Hurray! I got lots of penguins at a time~
Look at the baby ones, they are so cute.
The message at the back is very warm.
I am so happy to have Yuko as my postcard-pal :)

Thanks for the stunning stamps too.

90th private swap : Poland

90th  Poland 15.7.2011

Amelia had an one-day-trip in Krakow
and she sent me this wonderful card!
It is a great surprise!
I love stunning architecture and winter scene,
this card fulfill these two factors :)
Thank you so much, girl !

89th private swap : Japan

89th  Japan 9.7.2011
I really enjoy getting card from Shiori.
Every card is a piece of artwork :)
The 3rd deer card from Shiori is a cool one!
It looks like a scene in Japanese TV drama 鹿男あをによし.
I love the pretty stickers at the back!

88th private swap : Japan

88th  Japan 11.7.2011
First card from Kenji!
Your hand-drawn card is very special
and I love the texture of the card.
Although I don't drink beer,
I love your card with warm message :)

87th private swap : Spain

87th  Spain 27.6.2011
Architecture designed by Gaudi from Fabienne!!!
The Cathedral is one of my favourite design in the world, thanks a lot!!!
It is located in Barcelona and built beginning from 1882.
It is expected to be finished in 2026...
It looks a bit creepy but really nice!

86th private swap : Poland

86th Poland 10.7.2011
Again, this is a gorgeous card showing Polish houses!!!
Thank you very much, Ania.
I guess houses in Poland are the same?
cause the card is dent from Poznan
but I saw similar houses in card from Warsaw too :)

84&85th private swap : Poland

84&85th Poland ??.6.2011

These two gorgeous cards are from Amelia.
The second one is a bit Christmas feel,
but I like the winter scene.
I love the first one very much!!!
It is showing the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw.
There are hotels built in Bristish style in Hong Kong
and I love them very much.
The one in Warsaw is stunning too!
Thanks, Amelia.

83rd private swap : Japan

83rd  Japan 1.7.2011
This is a car showing Iwakubo tomb of Lord Shingen.
I know Shingen Takeda!
Although I know him through anime ;P
The view is beautiful and I love architecture bulit with stone.
Thanks for the card, Mari.

82nd private swap : Italy

82nd  Italy 23.7.2011
Card from Alicia who is still having her vacation in Itlay!
Thanks for the card :)
I can't read your message clearly
as I think the card experienced some accident?
However, I can't still feel the holiday mood from the card.
The sea is really beautiful(You can't see clean beach in HK...)
Hope you are having a nice holiday,Alicia!

81st private swap : France/Spain

81st France 24.6.2011

Card sending from France by Fabienne!!
I did not expect I will get it during your vacation in Paris:)
Thanks a lot!
The card is showing the Cathedral Notre Dome of Paris and the river Seine!
I really love illustration especially like this one!
It is so beautiful!!


80th private swap :Poland

80th Poland 11.7.2011
Thanks, my new friend, Grzegorz.
This is a card showing the Old Town Square in Warsaw.
There is one of the biggest park fountains near it.
There is a nature reserve at the centre of Warsaw??!!!!
I can't believe it and it is just gorgeous!
Polish must have a healthy life then :)
The houses in Poland are low and colourful,
it looks like holiday centre everywhere.

79th private swap : Japan

79th Japan 14.6.2011

I forgot which day I got this card
so I put on the date when the sender wrote it :)
The card is showing Mt.Fuji from Mitsu Pass at early morning!
Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan,
It has 3776 metres and
I guess almost every Japanese can remeber this value??
It is a famous symbol of Japan and I really want to visit it one day.
Thanks a lot, Mikiko!