37th private swap : Portugal

37th Portugal 26.2.2011
Hurray! My second card from Portugal arrives!
Dinis told me that it is a traditional house in Portugal.
It is also a world heritage called "Ribeira" (if I am correct)
Actually it looks like the houses in my town too.
The one full of Spanish style.

A clown stamp!
What's mean by "o circo Chapito"?


36th private swap : Japan

36th Japan 25.2.2011
Say hello to my dear Japan again:)
Thank you so much , Sonoyo.
It's the greatest time to receive a card with sakura on it!!

Stamps showing something realted to Japan's doll festival.


35th private swap : Portugal

35th Portugal 24.2.2011
My first card from Portugal!
Thanks a lot, Andreia.It's great to meet you:)
It's a castle?
She did not told me the name of this building
but she did mention that you can see the city of Lisbon
and the Atlantic Ocean if you are at the top of the tower:)
I can see the South China Sea (part of the Pacific Ocean) everyday
when I cycle pass the bridge in home town :)

34th private swap: China

34th China 24.2.2011A street scene card.
I really love the vintage feeling :)


33rd private swap : England

33rd England 21.2.2011
From Megan.
It's a handmade card.
It shows Kate Moss.
Actually I don't know who she is :P


32nd private swap : Poland

32nd Poland 19.2.2011
From Amelia.
Wrote on the Valentine's day.
Carriage and night view of Warsaw.
It looks like a cence from the old movie.
A little bit creepy :P

31st private swap : France

31st France 19.2.2011
From Alicia.
Wrote on the Valentine's day.
I guess this is my first b/w card!!!
Look at the face of the little dog! It's so cute :-)
Maybe it's another big dog on the left?


30th private swap : Ukraine

30th Ukraine 18.2.2011
A card called "Cossack military traditions"

The stamps are gorgeous!!
I especailly love the left bottom one.
Thanks, Kate.


29th private swap : Denmark

29th Denmark 17.2.2011
Sent from Denmark.
According to the sender, it's a card from Ireland.
Very interesting!

"Formation Flying Toucans"
Poster by John Gilroy, 1955


28 th private swap :China

28th China 16.2.2011
From Guangxi.
Thanks for the card!
It took about 2 and a half months until it arrives my home!!
I almost forget this private swap card...
I really love the style of the card! Tha angle of this photo(maybe?)is gorgeous!!!
We got a lot of outstanding designers in China.
Bird stamp from China.Hong Kong's current stamps are bird stamps too.
But this one is really Chinese.


26th & 27th private swap :Germany

26th&27th Germany 10.2.2011
From Kammy's favourite Germany!!!
I got a penguin:-) It is so cute and it just looks like smiling♥♥
The 2nd one is gorgeous ,too.
It reminds my one of the most horrible episode from "Doctor Who"
Personally I love that episode very much.(Although it is extremely horrible)

Sister Teresa, I wish I know what it is shown on the stamp.

24th & 25th private swap: Denamrk

24th&25th Denmark 10.2.2011
The top one is a card from Poland
and I have another card of the same set too!
I love this set very much !!!
I am very happy to have another one in my collection :-)
I really love the snowy winter scene.

The bottom one is from Denmark~~
I wish to visit Denmark one day, it's a gorgeous place.

Thanks for the cards, Anna.


23rd private swap: Japan

23rd Japan 4.2.2011
From Sonoyo !!!
Thank for very much for sending me a card from Harajuku :-)
Although this scene looks familiar to me... just like somewhere in Hong Kong during Chrsitmas XD

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN....!!!Stamp with Keroro on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, Sonoyo san!
I really love Keroro and it's gorgeous to have a Keroro stamp!!!
Look! He is so cute♥♥♥♥♥see how enjoy he is ^^

22nd private swap: France

22nd France 4.2.2011
From Alicia.
Thanks for buying it for me from Paris :-)
I really love traditional architecture from Western country.

Stamps!!! The facial expression of the man looks really funny XD