49th private swap: France

49th France 25.3.2011
From Alicia.
I have to say... French postmen are super hard-working...
I just got the last card from Alicia 10 days ago
and this one, from the same series(check out here),
arrives my home two days ago...
I love the card so much :)
The colour of the diffused light is so beautiful!
You can see many details on the houses
like the clothes hanging outside the windows.

48 private swap : Russia

48th Russia 25.3.2011
Say Hi to Russia.
It has been a long time that I got a postcard from Russia.
Cards from this country are always great art piece :)

At the back, it writes:
Vladimir Volkov
Scenery from "Lenty" series
Canvas, paper, tempera


47th private swap : France

47th France 15.3.2011
From Alicia.
I love this lovely postcard so much!!!
I always want to be an illustrator in the future
(although there is a great chance for me to give up this DREAM)
I especially love the roof top and the trees shown on this picture.

Thanks for choosing nice stamps for me :)
There is Chinese Zodiac in France?
I am surprised by the stamp on the right!
I will return stamp with Chinese Zodiac (also rabbit)
issued by Hong Kong POst Office to you!
Let's see what difference is in between stamps issued by two places.

46th private swap : Poland

46th Poland 15.3.2011
From Amelia.
I really think her handwriting is the most beautiful one :)
About the sentence on the card, it means
"When we walk, we show ourselves the way."
There is no snow in Hong Kong :(
But maybe it's a good thing for me cause I can't withstand coldness >w<
Although I LOVE winter.


45th private swap : Japan

45th Japan 14.3.2011
From Sonoyo.
It's a card showing a road in Kyoto, one of the most historical city in Japan.
There is a myth saying that
"If you fall down when you are walking on this road, you may die in 3 years" :(
Oh! Watch out >w<

I  receive beautiful stamp from Sonoyo, thank you so much.
Stickers are always my favourite!
Wish Japan for the best.
God bless this beautiful country.

44th private swap : Poland

44th Poland 14.3.2011
From Sandra.
Another beautiful KRAKOW card :)
The river looks like shining.
No tall buildings in Poland?
It really great to have forests surrounding you. 


43rd private swap :Chile

43rd Chile 9.3.2011
Actually the above card is showing Liubliana in Slovenija.
But I really love the colour of the building so I chose this card for exchange.
The greenish blue and reddish brown combination is so beautiful:)

The sender also sends me a card showing Frutillar-Chile.
Stamps! I LOVE these stylish stamps:)
I have just searched them through the Internet.
They are issued in 2008 and the title is
Art - Paintings by Chilean Artist Matta - "Espejo de Cronos"
The whole painting looks like that


42nd private swap : Poland

42nd Poland 8.3.2011
From Agnieszka.
Thanks for the beautiful KRAKOW card.
According to Agnieszka, the card shows the Main Market Square
and it is the largest medieval town square in Europe. Woo!
I personally love the statue on the left very much.
The stunning red building is the St. Mary's Basilica.
Hmm...it seems that buildings in Poland are not so tall,
and you can see the skyline anytime :)

It's hard to show the special feature of this card after I scanned it.

Thanks for the pretty dandelion drawn by Agnieszka on the back!
My favourite flower is sunflower :)
Yellow is great but pink is even gorgeous.


41st private swap : England

41st England 7.3.2011
From Benjamin:)
Thank you so much.
It's a great surprise for me to receive the letter, postcards and photo from you.
The first card on top shows Venice, Italy.
Italy is one of my favourite countries and this card is stunning.
The texture of the card is special too.
It writes
<<Without streets and vehicles, the uproar of wheels,
the brutality of horses, and with its little windig ways
where people crowd together, where woices sound as
in the corridors of a house, where the uman step
circulates as if it skirted the angles of forniture
and shoes never wear out, VENICE has the
character of an immense collective apartment."
on the back.
I can't wait to finish my AL exams and
start to learn oil painting so many years later.
This photo is taken by Ben where he was on vacation in Venice.
The building shown is the one on the postcard:)
Another postcard showing London.
Red bus and telephone box from England!!!!!!!!!
I love it :)

40th private swap : Japan

40th Japan  7.3.2011
Card with deers in Nara park :)
I am really in love with Nara♥♥♥
I can't wait to visit there one day.
Thanks a lot, Xintian.


39th private swap : Poland

39th Poland  5.3.2011
Card from Amelia:)
I always love th card you sent me.
They are really gorgeous and I really love the street scenes of Poland.
It's such a nice country.

38th private swap :France

38th France 5.3.2011
First card in March:)
Thank you so much, Alicia.
I love the cat very much, it's such a great b/w card:)

And for the little gift, it's a surprise for me.
I will put it on the refrigerator of my home!!!