21st private swap: France

21st France 25.1.2011
From Erell :-)
I got something in a envelop(top picture)!!!
And then the second photo shows the card, I think it is handmade...?
The third photo is a bookmark,
the front view on the left and the back view on the right.
My first handmade set :-P 


Beautiful stamps :1

Top Left: Finland, Denmark x 2,Russia x 2
Bottom Left: Russia x 2, Norway

All from China.
I love the 4 stamps in the top roll. There are funny idiom stories on them!!
For the bottom roll... :-( I have to say I hate it very much.

Left : Japan, showing Goryōkaku (五稜郭) in Hokkaido It's interesting that it is in star-shape.
Right x 2 : Holland

20 th private swap : Japan

20th Japan 22.1.2011
From Ayumi :-)
I wish I know whether it is showing the sky of her city or not.

I really love the stamp on this card.
We have birds stamp for Hong Kong ordinary stamps too.
But the colour of this stamp is much more beautiful.

19 th private swap : England

18th England 21.1.2011
From Zoe again!
Funny English soldiers:-) I really love their hats.

18 th private swap : Japan

18th Japan 19.1.2011
From dear Sonoyo :-)
This is a Japanese new year greeting card.
Chinese Zodiac is same as the Japanese one,
we share the same 12 animals and even the sequence is also the same. 

17 th private swap : Holland

17th Holland 19.1.2011
Thanks for telling me facts about sheep in Holland :-)

16 th private swap : Lithuania

16th  Lithuania19.1.2011
My first black and white card.
I wish I know where the card is showing...

15 th private swap : Denmark

15th Denmark 18.1.2011
It shows Royal gurads of Denmark.
The red uniform is for special days while the blue one is for normal use :)
Love it :)

14 th private swap : Japan

14th Japan 14.1.2011
It's a Torii Arch in Kasuga Taisha in Nara!
It's my favourite Nara again :-)
I wish I could see any traditional staue too:-)

13 th private swap : France

13th France 13.1.2011
From Alicia.
Vintage painting of the Eiffel tower in 1900!!!
Such a gorgeous card :-)
It's happy to have it in my collection.

12 th private swap : England

12th England 13.1.2011
From Zoe.
I love the colourful hot air balloon very much:-)

11 th private swap : England

11th England 13.1.2011
From Megan.
A kind of popular painting in Cornwall.

6 th private swap : Romania

6th Romania ??.12.2010
The only card I got during my Christmas holiday.

9 th private swap : Japan

9th Japan 12.1.2011
From Sonoyo.
A card showing a Japanese temple in Hiroshima, Japan.
Sonoyo told me that you can walk to the Torii Arch at low tide.
An  amazing evening view.

10 th private swap : Japan

10th Japan 12.1.2011
It's showing deers in a park in Nara,Japan!
I love Nara, such a historical place.
I wish I can go to Nara park one day and feed the deer myself.

7&8 th private swap: China

7th & 8th China 10.1.2011
It arrived on my birthday!!!!
I love penguins very much:-)
The stamps on these cards are great too:-)

5 th private swap : Poland

5th Poland 16.12.2010
My first winter view card!I love it very much!
It looks like photochemical smog when I first saw it :-)

4 th private swap:Lithuania

4th Russia 06.12.2010
A beautiful town view.
Hong Kong post office put a  stamp on my card and ruin it :-(

3 rd private swap :Russia

3rd Russia 13.11.2010
As I remember, this artwork is drawn by a famous Russian artist.

2 nd private swap : Russia

2st Russia 13.11.2010
National art of Russia. (oops.. I forgot what they call it)
I don't know that Winnie the Pooh is a Russian cartoon till the sender told me.

1 st private swap : Russia

1st Russia 15.10.2010
This is my first private card in the collection.
I really love the texture of the painting :-)
Such I gorgeous warm background!